"Die schöne Müllerin" Live at The Woodward Theater, The Mitchells with concert​:​nova

by The Mitchells

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"An Adaptation of Die schöne Müllerin" performed September 15, 2015 in Over The Rhine's Woodward Theater located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio.

An original composition by The Mitchells and Concert:Nova inspired by the lyrics and music of Franz Schubert's 1823 vocal-and- piano song cycle masterpiece Die schöne Müllerin (The Lovely Maid of the Mill).


released September 15, 2015

Marc Aiello: Guitar
Ric Hordinski: Guitar
Joseph William Mitchell: Guitar and Vocals
Carlos Mitchell: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Nicholas Mavridoglou: Percussion
Julie Spangler: Piano and Vocals
Lon Bussell: Oboe
Lisa Conway: French Horn
Liz Freimuth: French Horn
Eric Roland Bates: Violin
Mauricio Aguiar: Violin
Minyoung Baik: VIolin
Timothy Lees: Violin
Anna Reider: VIolin
Rebecca Barnes: Viola
Joanne Wojtowicz: Viola
Heidi Yenney: Viola
Ilya Finkelstein: Cello
Theodore "Ted" Nelson: Cello
Alan Rafferty: Cello
Owen Lee: Bass



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The Mitchells Cincinnati, Ohio

The Mitchells “...create a warm, inviting and organic brand of indie-folk...laced with elements of indie rock, jazz, and chamber-pop...” (atlasandtheanchor.com)

The Mitchells “...dreamy and poppy debut carries well the torch of their city’s eclectic indie scene.” (fabricohmusic.com)

“...undoubtedly one of the most prominent and vital groups of musicians calling Cincinnati home right now.”
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Track Name: Introduction - Das Wandern (original F. Schubert)
Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust,
Das Wandern!
Das muß ein schlechter Müller sein,
Dem niemals fiel das Wandern ein,
Das Wandern.
Vom Wasser haben wir's gelernt,
Vom Wasser!
Das hat nicht Rast bei Tag und Nacht,
Ist stets auf Wanderschaft bedacht,
Das Wasser.
Das sehn wir auch den Rädern ab,
Den Rädern!
Die gar nicht gerne stille stehn,
Die sich mein Tag nicht müde drehn,
Die Räder.
Die Steine selbst, so schwer sie sind,
Die Steine!
Sie tanzen mit den muntern Reihn
Und wollen gar noch schneller sein,
Die Steine.
O Wandern, Wandern, meine Lust,
O Wandern!
Herr Meister und Frau Meisterin,
Laßt mich in Frieden weiterziehn
Und wandern.
Track Name: Act 1 - Wandering (Das Wandern)
Das Wandern ist des Mullers Lust, Das Wandern
Das Wandern ist des Mullers Lust, Das Wandern
Das muB ein schlechter Muller sein, Dem niemals fiel das Wander ein,

Das Wandern
Das Wandern
Das Wandern
Das Wandern

We learned it from the stream, Vom Wasser
Vom Wasser haben wir’s gelernt, from water
It doesn’t rest by day or night, and only thinks of wandering

Das Wasser
Das Wasser
Das Wasser
Das Wasser

Sie Tanzen mit den muntern Reihn, Das Wandern
Und wollen gar noch schneller sein, O Wandern
Herr Meister und Frau Meisterin
LaBt mich in Frieden weiterziehn

Und Wandern
And Wander
Und Wandern
And Wander
Track Name: Act 2 - The Questioner (Neugierige)
The cold was sewn for everything
I move around so comfortably
Like blossoms in a rocky spring

Then I’ll know where hope resides
And then I’ll know where love presides

And If you come for every fall
If you come for every one
For life of one

We live together cozily
Moving out on everyone
Said moving out on everyone, my heart is full of everyone

In a green dew

My darling’s eyes shine bright and blue
The Miller’s daughter bright and blue
Please come out with everything
The sun will shine on everyone

But if I force on everyone,
That would be my darkest fear

Come out come out from your arched doors
Like flowers on the bank

The blue ones
Track Name: Act 3 - My Love (Mein)
Wait Love, Wait Love, Wait on Love
Hold back for a cold day later on
You dream your father’s mill stream
You know my walls stop everything
Get ready for me
Move around

Seasons chime
Seasons rhyme
Seasons go
We are nothing, we are nothing in the night!

So cold and tired
I feel cold
Poor lad he owned night and paid a Hunter’s Fee!

You dream but I feel nothing
You see but I know everything
You ride upon light
Without me

Seasons Chime
Seasons Rhyme
Seasons Go
You know nothing, You know nothing but the night.

Oh my love
Oh meine Love
Oh my Love
Oh my love
Track Name: Act 4 - The Favorite Color (Die liebe Farbe)
Track Name: Act 5 - The Waters Lullaby (Des Baches Wiegenlied)
When you say
When you notice
That your ghost
In the door way
Is a double
In the bar
And you fall
Through a table

In the Dunes
In the doorway
When you yell
And you run
When you wake
With the Sun
With a bottle
With a gun

Its cold on Ice and
Its going on days
When your howling years become
Your howling does

When you say
When you notice
That your ghost
Is the door way
Its a double
Its a bar
And you fall
Through a table

Its cold on Ice and
They don’t kill
When its going on days
And they don’t come